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inalienablein‧a‧li‧en‧a‧ble /ɪnˈeɪliənəbəl/ adjective [usually before noun] formal  SCLRIGHT/HAVE THE RIGHT TOan inalienable right, power etc cannot be taken from you inalienable human rights
Examples from the Corpus
inalienableAt the other extreme, societies, may allow claims upon that which we consider inalienable.Laws, whilst they are in force, are in this sense inalienable.Justice to all, irrespective of race, sect or class is the inalienable right and the inescapable obligation of all.The first inalienable right of a trainee was to dawdle and amuse himself before he settled into his chair for the morning.Childbirth might seem to be the last inalienable right of any female citizen within a civilized society.If a fellow is capable of nipping across a field surely it is his inalienable right to do so?We have an inalienable right to play college basketball.All works of art have the inalienable right to remain in their original abode rather than being shipped around the world for display.
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