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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinapplicablein‧ap‧pli‧ca‧ble /ˌɪnəˈplɪkəbəl, ɪnˈæplɪkəbəl $ ɪnˈæplɪk-/ adjective  WRONG/UNSUITABLErules, statements, questions etc that are inapplicable are not suitable, correct, or able to be used in a particular situation opp applicableinapplicable to Most of the new regulations are inapplicable to us.
Examples from the Corpus
inapplicableFor a given instance of a text, the values of some components are inapplicable.That he went grossly wrong in applying the standard does not mean that the standard as such was inapplicable.Most of them were inapplicable, but there were procedures for language which might be appropriate.Further, this principle should not be inapplicable simply because the citizen paid the money under mistake of law.The flashpoints model is therefore inapplicable to this form of disorder and other explanations are therefore necessary.inapplicable toHis model of how disease spreads is inapplicable to the AIDS epidemic.
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