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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinappropriatein‧ap‧pro‧pri‧ate /ˌɪnəˈprəʊpri-ət $ -ˈproʊ-/ ●●○ AWL adjective  WRONG/UNSUITABLEnot suitable or right for a particular purpose or in a particular situation opp appropriatewholly/totally/completely etc inappropriate His comments were wholly inappropriate on such a solemn occasion.it is inappropriate (for somebody) to do something It would be inappropriate for me to comment until we know more of the facts.inappropriate for an inappropriate gift for a childinappropriate to marketing techniques that are totally inappropriate to educationinappropriate behaviour/response/language etcinappropriately adverb inappropriately dressedinappropriateness noun [uncountable]inappropriacy noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
inappropriateAny strike you as particularly inappropriate?A poster showing a nude woman is wholly inappropriate for the office.May contain some material parents consider inappropriate for young children.Such language would be quite inappropriate if applied to the typical civil law system.If such discriminations are appropriate to birds, why should they be inappropriate in the case of men?The organizer of the mailing list monitors the discussion, ejects troublesome members and blocks inappropriate messages.Clark said it would be inappropriate to comment on his relationship with Beier.The acts, implying possession in one case, may be wholly inappropriate to prove it in another.For Mr Johns an incorrect diagnosis led to inappropriate treatment.wholly/totally/completely etc inappropriateChief Inspector Davina Logan described the sentence as wholly inappropriate.For them the demand to draft or revise a long story would be wholly inappropriate.Ireland, with inflation above 6 %, has negative real interest rates, which is totally inappropriate.Quite apart from questions of sample size and representativeness, this particular aggregation is wholly inappropriate.The same terms are used to describe very different products and some terms are wholly inappropriate.One of these is the notion of detachment between professionals and clients which is wholly inappropriate in teaching.The acts, implying possession in one case, may be wholly inappropriate to prove it in another.Many of the burdensome covenants inserted in the former kind of lease will be wholly inappropriate to the latter.
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