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inbreedingin‧breed‧ing /ˈɪnbriːdɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  HBHHBAwhen children, animals, or plants are produced from closely related members of the same family He was born with a rare bone disease, probably the result of aristocratic inbreeding.
Examples from the Corpus
inbreedingThey can not be sexed when small, but it would be better to obtain an unrelated female to avoid inbreeding.In other species, there are behavioural drives the function of which is to avoid inbreeding.However, it is worth emphasizing here that at least four costs have been proposed for inbreeding, and at least seven for outbreeding.The breeding plan for this species is designed to minimise inbreeding.In a study of 102 scimitar-horned oryx juvenile survival rates were shown to be inversely related to the degree of inbreeding.Moreover, the isolation of the men of the wetlands led to inbreeding.
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