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incandescentin‧can‧des‧cent /ˌɪnkænˈdesənt◂ $ -kən-/ adjective  1 ANGRYvery angry The prince was said to be incandescent with rage.2 BRIGHT technical producing a bright light when heated the invention of the incandescent lamp3 literary very bright incandescent flowersincandescence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
incandescentThe meteorite was described as being incandescent after landing on the ground.But potential Nader voters are ideologically incandescent and do not need debates to motivate them.The accumulator vanes within the hood energize the conductors and insulators of the capacitor to power this incandescent discharge.All evening the table had been under a cone of supple white light hot light a soft shimmering incandescent glow.an incandescent light bulbWordless images of a new life expanded her, making her feel an incandescent love for life.It was a rare incandescent, magical full moon, alfresco evening.Contemporary records suggest she possessed neither classic beauty nor a great voice: simply the built-in spotlight of the incandescent star.Marie-Christine was beautiful in her billowing gown, and both she and Jacques looked almost incandescent with happiness.incandescent with rageThe one thing that can be said in favour is that it sends vegans and animal rights activists incandescent with rage.Puddephat was incandescent with rage, apparently.
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