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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincentivein‧cen‧tive /ɪnˈsentɪv/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable, uncountable]  PERSUADEsomething that encourages you to work harder, start a new activity etcmotivation As an added incentive, there’s a bottle of champagne for the best team.create/provide/give somebody an incentive Awards provide an incentive for young people to improve their skills.incentive to do something Farmers lack any incentive to manage their land organically.economic/financial/tax etc incentives a recycling drive backed with financial incentivesCOLLOCATIONSverbshave an incentiveCompanies have an incentive to maximize efficiency.give/offer somebody an incentiveIf you want people to change their behaviour, it's a good idea to offer them some kind of incentive.provide somebody with an incentiveGood teachers provide their students with incentives to learn.create an incentiveWe need to create an incentive for people to recycle their rubbish.act as an incentive (=be an incentive)The chance of promotion acts as an incentive for many employees.adjectivesa strong/powerful incentiveThe possibility of acquiring wealth acts as a strong incentive in many people's lives.a significant incentiveThe high financial rewards provide a significant incentive.a greater incentiveThe scheme gives industry a greater incentive to tackle pollution.the main incentiveWhat is the main incentive for people to join the army?an extra/added incentiveThe cash prize gives contestants an added incentive to do well.economic/financial incentives (=money that is offered to someone as an incentive)Doctors are encouraged through financial incentives to work in poor areas.NOUN + incentivecash incentivesThe scheme gives farmers cash incentives to manage the countryside for wildlife.tax incentives (=a reduction in tax, offered to people as an incentive)Tax incentives are provided for employees to buy shares in their own companies.price incentives (=lower prices, offered to people as an incentive)The strong December sales were attributed to attractive price incentives.incentive + NOUNan incentive scheme/systemThe incentive scheme was introduced to encourage companies to use renewable energy sources.phraseshave little/no incentive to do somethingPoor farmers have little incentive to grow crops for export.
Examples from the Corpus
incentiveThere is a clear incentive to move to larger countries.Perhaps this led to a greater emphasis on the other economic incentive.That probably depends on what financial incentives the United States might provide.The school gives incentives such as more play time to kids who work hard.The granting of individual landownership rights improved incentives, and facilities for credit and investment improved.Taxes are too high, investment incentives missing.Low prices give the farmers little incentive.When prices are so low, farmers have little incentive to increase production.Our fire departments have powerful incentives to keep things that way.The new plan will provide strong incentives for young people to improve their skills.Problems have also been experienced with providing cost-centre managers with sufficient incentives to manage resources economically, efficiently and effectively.Indiana has sometimes spent too much on tax incentives to lure companies inside its borders.The government is offering special tax incentives to people wanting to start up small businesses.added incentiveAnd he may have acquired an added incentive for wanting to make a good showing.As an added incentive, two complimentary tickets for the evening's disco are being offered for the winning entry.In many cases, that has given the family an added incentive and advantage.Rejects from London have an added incentive for putting their talents on show.A course available specifically designed for their needs at which they will meet others of their own age is an added incentive.The fact that it was the area's second highest summit added incentive.
From Longman Business Dictionaryincentivein‧cen‧tive /ɪnˈsentɪv/ noun [countable] something which is used to encourage people to do something, especially to make them work harder, produce more or spend more moneytax incentives for first-time home buyersThe company proposed a package of incentive-based pay raises. sales incentive tax incentive
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