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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinceptionin‧cep‧tion /ɪnˈsepʃən/ noun [singular] formal  START something/MAKE something STARTthe start of an organization or institution a CD collection covering the band from its inception in 1994
Examples from the Corpus
inceptionDevelopment and international aid are frequently misguided in inception, disastrous in execution and catastrophic for the local people.Harvard Securities organised a surprise raid on the premises of Tudorbury's new sharedealing floor shortly after its inception.Within a few years of its inception, the charity was involved in aid projects all around the world.Responsible for the Oilfields Logistics and Supplies Division since its inception in 1973 which includes property and oil distribution interests.The firm has received a total of $ 470,000 from the trust since its inception in June 1994.This year we are producing further information on all research projects licensed since our inception.Private Eye's inception had drawn on other foreign influences.Not long after their inception, the welfare programs were under attack.The Smiths had wanted to work with Sandie Shaw since their inception.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinceptionin‧cep‧tion /ɪnˈsepʃən/ noun [singular]COMMERCE1the start of a business, organization etcSince its inception in 1965, Medicare has based the payments it makes for each claim on what individual doctors charge.2the date on which an agreement or system becomes effectiveThe customer agrees to guaranteed monthly paymentsat the inception of the agreement.
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