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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincestuousin‧ces‧tu‧ous /ɪnˈsestʃuəs/ adjective  1 SYinvolving sexual activity between people who are closely related in a family an incestuous relationship2 HELPinvolving a small group of people who only spend time with or help each other, not people outside the group – used to show disapproval an incestuous political community
Examples from the Corpus
incestuousBut any such force is dissipated because the protagonists are not really incestuous at all, as I shall shown now.She and her confessor ran away from her incestuous father, a pagan chieftain.The first incestuous kiss between Christine and Lea occurs as the two are reconciled following an argument.The answer to all three concerns Paul finds in excommunication of the incestuous man.At any given moment most such bands can be expected to contain no incestuous members.an incestuous relationship among city officialsThere was believed to have been an incestuous relationship between Alfonso and Urraca and they were probably responsible for Sancho's death.
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