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inch by inch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinch by inchinch by inchSLOWmoving very gradually and slowly Inch by inch, he lowered himself from the roof. inch
Examples from the Corpus
inch by inchThe old buses moved inch by inch toward the pyramids.But inch by inch they were being driven back.He was holding Maidstone's hat in both hands, turning it, feeding the brim inch by inch through his fingers.It crept towards her mouth, inch by inch.Lying on your tummy, raise your head and shoulders, curving the spine, inch by inch.She swallowed and closed her eyes, edging herself forward inch by inch.Then he climbed inch by inch up to Rainer.Today detectives undertook an inch by inch search of the area.Twenty times this monstrous frozen barrier slowly built up, inch by inch, and oozed south.
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