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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincognitoin‧cog‧ni‧to /ˌɪnkɒɡˈniːtəʊ $ ˌɪnkɑːɡˈniːtoʊ/ adverb  NAME OF A PERSONif a famous person does something incognito, they do it without letting people know who they aredisguise That night, Lenin travelled incognito to the party headquarters.
Examples from the Corpus
incognitoEnter one slightly grubby swan, stage right, to swim nonchalantly beside the boat, incognito.I assured him that if we went it would be unannounced and incognito.Prior to this ritual, he seems to have been incognito.He tried to go incognito but his bizarre disguise made him stand out even more.Architects are said to have been prowling on the island incognito gathering intelligence for their mission.Edward returns incognito, however, and after various complications is reunited with his sweetheart, Mary Fielding.
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