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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincoherentin‧co‧her‧ent /ˌɪnkəʊˈhɪərənt◂ $ -koʊˈhɪr-/ AWL adjective  1 UNDERSTANDnot expressed or organized clearly, and therefore difficult to understand an incoherent over-long action movie He called the policy ‘incoherent and ill thought-out’.2 CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDspeaking in a way that cannot be understood, because you are drunk, feeling a strong emotion etc Ben, drunk and incoherent, slumped in a chair.incoherently adverb She began to mutter incoherently.incoherence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
incoherentSome of them feel a need to defend this by writing indigestible, difficult to understand books that are incoherent.This is revealed most tellingly when informants are given a passage that appears incoherent.She was clearly very ill, and at times her speech was incoherent.For the first day, she made some sense but by the third day she was totally incoherent.La Stampa admitted that the supergrass accounts were at times contradictory and incoherent.Harris gave rambling, incoherent answers to questions about the case.Rawlings gave rambling, incoherent answers.Last fall, Republicans offered an incoherent critique.Muttering something incoherent, he moved away.He acknowledges that if he finds against Mrs. McLoughlin the law of emotional injury will then be incoherent in principle.But the present, incoherent system does need reform.One man was incoherent with grief.
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