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income/tax/age etc bracket

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincome/tax/age etc bracketincome/tax/age etc bracketINCLUDEa particular income, tax etc range the highest tax bracket families in lower income brackets bracket
Examples from the Corpus
income/tax/age etc bracketIt's all to do with the £19,250 tax bracket and engines below 2 litres.Name the ethnicity, tax bracket or wardrobe, and they were there in full force.Together, that amounts to an annual tax saving of up to £1,000, compared to cars in a higher tax bracket.In addition they estimated the implied income tax brackets associated with each dividend payout level.Why should you and I be in the same tax bracket as Steve Forbes?Jack Kemp would have to recommend that tax brackets be compressed to as low as 10 percent to dull their allure.Dataquest said only 12 percent in this income bracket owned computers.The key is, does your tax bracket justify buying munis?
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