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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincomprehensionin‧com‧pre‧hen‧sion /ɪnˌkɒmprɪˈhenʃən $ -ˌkɑːm-/ noun [uncountable]  UNDERSTANDthe state of not being able to understand something He spread his hands in a gesture of incomprehension.
Examples from the Corpus
incomprehensionHe stared at her with annoyed incomprehension.Yet what saves the day is not negotiation but incomprehension.The first reaction is incomprehension, the second indecision.Tunnel vision and mutual incomprehension were natural reactions.This was a fertile source of incomprehension between him and Ellen.I am feeling... perplexity; incomprehension.Each was met with polite incomprehension.They in turn responded with incomprehension and then with anger.
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