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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincongruityin‧con‧gru‧i‧ty /ˌɪnkənˈɡruːəti/ noun (plural incongruities)  [countable, uncountable]STRANGE the fact that something is strange, unusual, or unsuitable in a particular situation The incongruity of her situation struck Gina with unpleasant force.incongruity between He didn’t see the slightest incongruity between the idealism of his plays and his own morals.
Examples from the Corpus
incongruityAnother incongruity was that between de Gaulle's ambition and the resources at his disposal.There were fatal incongruities about grandeur in the circumstances of 1944-46.Like his entire tenure as chairman, the scene had an element of incongruity that amounted to the surreal.There is another sort of incongruity in the materials.Thus Hazlitt piles up instances of how humour results from surprise, incongruity, absurdity and misunderstanding.Behind their departing backs, Ladislaw laughs at the incongruity of the engaged couple.One was the incongruity between de Gaulle's ambitions and the needs of a nation on the breadline.
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