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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincreasinglyin‧creas‧ing‧ly /ɪnˈkriːsɪŋli/ ●●○ W2 adverb  MORE THAN BEFOREmore and more all the time Marketing techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Increasingly, young people distrust all forms of government.
Examples from the Corpus
increasinglyIt is getting increasingly difficult for the US to remain competitive in consumer products.As the trial progressed, and the evidence mounted up, it became increasingly difficult to take the plea seriously.From the 1950s onward, these goals became increasingly entangled.The campaign was snowballing and life was getting increasingly hectic.Increasingly, humans and animals are in competition for the same land.The increase in manufacturing unit wage costs is at its lowest level since 1989 and is increasingly in line with Britain's main competitors.Modern economies are increasingly interdependent; policy-relevant research therefore requires large-scale, carefully targeted initiatives.As the years passed, Celia became increasingly lonely and withdrawn.Increasingly, people are relying on interactive media for a variety of services.His primary insight being anatomical, Kuypers was concerned with increasingly powerful ways of tracing fibre connections.As resources become increasingly scarce, choices have to be made and priorities set.As she watched him, Jody felt increasingly sure that she had made the right choice.The rebel group's actions have become increasingly violent.
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