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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincrediblyin‧cred‧i‧bly /ɪnˈkredəbli/ ●●○ S3 adverb  1 [+adj/adverb] informalVERY extremely Nicotine is incredibly addictive.2 [sentence adverb]SURPRISED in a way that is hard to believe The knife had pierced his heart, but incredibly he was still alive.
Examples from the Corpus
incrediblyRaising money for the homeless has been incredibly difficult.And how incredibly generous this man was; he seeded friendships that still write the history of the West.The braggart turns every question into an answer that makes himself or herself look incredibly good.In spite of her enormous popularity and the huge attraction she held for men throughout her life she remained incredibly insecure.My friend thought that Hedges was an incredibly nice guy.The waterways are incredibly peaceful with a wealth of wildlife and some incredibly beautiful scenery.Incredibly, six men ran the 100-meter final in less than 10 seconds.Her business became incredibly successful-by any measure except one.Feeling drugged and quite incredibly wanton, she moved her fingers to his jaw.He was so obviously intelligent; so charmingly articulate; so incredibly well read.
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