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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincredulityin‧cre‧du‧li‧ty /ˌɪnkrəˈdjuːləti $ -ˈduː-/ noun [uncountable]  BELIEVEa feeling that you cannot believe something syn disbelief When she told her family she was gay, they reacted with a mixture of shock and incredulity.
Examples from the Corpus
incredulityPerhaps Lucy would have melted weakly into his bony arms had not an expression of dismay and incredulity come over his face.It is hard for me, even now, to relate my feeling of horror and incredulity.But such findings as these were greeted with dismay and defiant incredulity by professional moralists and church leaders.Workers expressed incredulity and anger at being laid off.And who could have blamed the world for its incredulity?Jim went off for his first day at work in a mood of tender incredulity, still unable to stop smiling.Our artists had a freedom which the Soviet nonconformists envied with incredulity.Tipper gazed with incredulity at Leslie and Studd.
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