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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincredulousin‧cred‧u‧lous /ɪnˈkredjələs $ -dʒə-/ adjective  BELIEVEunable or unwilling to believe something ‘You sold the car?’ she asked, incredulous.incredulous look/expression/voice etc She shot him an incredulous look.incredulously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
incredulousWith a flourish he removed the cover and revealed to the incredulous eyes of the staff a feast of sausages and bacon.In view of the latter's steady, incredulous gaze, I could not blame him.The announcement was met by incredulous laughter."A millionaire!" she was incredulous. "Like hell he is!"A sob rose in his throat, blending with an incredulous, nervous giggle framed by his lips.The judges were so incredulous they twice remeasured the length of the course.I came to sensible awareness; to incredulous understanding.Everyone looked incredulous when I said I used to drive a taxi."You don't have a car?" asked one incredulous woman.
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