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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincrementalin‧cre‧men‧tal /ˌɪŋkrəˈmentl◂/ adjective formal  1 [usually before noun] increasing in amount or value gradually and by a regular amount incremental pay scales2 happening gradually over time Mr Kennedy said that progress on reforms would be incremental. a process of incremental changeincrementally adverb You need to make changes in your diet incrementally.
Examples from the Corpus
incrementalIn descriptive terms the argument is that decision-making is always incremental.At best the ads would attract a very small incremental audience to the network.Behe contends that evolutionists never try to explain how complex systems might have arisen through incremental changes.The training promises to provide empirical evidence of incremental improvements in staff effectiveness.A marginal tax rate is the tax paid on additional or incremental income.Since the incremental value is encoded in the operation field, there is room to specify a store address in the instruction.
From Longman Business Dictionaryincrementalin‧cre‧men‧tal /ˌɪŋkrəˈmentl◂/ adjective1an incremental process is one where things happen in small stepsKaizen, a Japanese concept of incremental improvements in products through team efforts2an incremental amount, sum etc is small when considered by itselfThe cuts are incremental (2% to 3%), not radical, but they add up.
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