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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindecentin‧de‧cent /ɪnˈdiːsənt/ adjective  1 RUDE/OBSCENEsomething that is indecent is shocking and offensive, usually because it involves sex or shows parts of the body that are usually covered He was found guilty of possessing indecent photographs. You can’t go out in that dress – it’s positively indecent!2 RIGHT/PROPERcompletely unacceptable The funeral formalities were performed with almost indecent haste.indecently adverb an indecently short skirt
Examples from the Corpus
indecentThe prices they charge for this food are indecent.You can't wear that dress to the dinner party -- it's positively indecent!It is an offence under railway bye-laws to be disorderly, offensive or indecent in a station.It is still an offence to use obscene, profane or indecent language in an Aberdeen street.Woodall said the man also took an indecent photo of the child.Models were forced into all sorts of indecent poses for the camera.It was indecent, surely, to stand like this, in public, and feel so alive and so excited?Second, where right-minded observers would agree that the conduct was indecent, that would be an indecent assault.Nearly all their offerings are considered indecent under the 1996 law.indecent hasteNo hurry: no indecent haste.The boundaries make sense, but there is an air of indecent haste about the timetables.
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