Date: 1300-1400
Origin: in + deed


in‧deed S3 W1
1 [sentence adverb] used to emphasize a statement or answer:
The blood tests prove that Vince is indeed the father.
'Would it help if you had an assistant?' 'It would indeed.'
2 [sentence adverb] formal used to introduce an additional statement that emphasizes or supports what you have just said:
I didn't mind at all. Indeed, I was pleased.
3 especially British English used with 'very' and an adjective or adverb to emphasize a statement or description:
Most of the essays were very good indeed.
Thank you very much indeed.
4 spoken especially British English used to show that you are surprised or annoyed by something that someone has just told you:
'He said he was too busy to see you.' 'Did he, indeed?'

why/how/who etc indeed?

spoken used when someone has asked you a question, to show that you do not know the answer and you do not think there can be a satisfactory answer:
'Why would John have left without saying a word?' 'Why indeed?'

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