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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindefinitein‧def‧i‧nite /ɪnˈdefənət/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 CONTINUOUSan indefinite action or period of time has no definite end arranged for it The next day the union voted to begin an indefinite strike. The picture has been loaned for an indefinite period to the National Gallery.2 EXACTnot clear or exact syn vague Teachers find the report’s terminology so indefinite that it is confusing.
Examples from the Corpus
indefiniteOur plans for traveling are deliberately indefinite.You have one that would make it clearly indefinite and one that would make it clearly definite.However, tenured teachers do not have a right either to a particular position in a school district or to indefinite employment.Two somewhat indefinite entries under Letcombe Basset specify only Hampshire.The deferral is indefinite if reinvestment is in non-depreciating assets such as freehold land and buildings.Before leaving, the teacher had requested an indefinite leave of absence, but the school board had denied his request.The refugees will be housed and fed here for an indefinite period.To avoid a league suspension, Favre was prohibited from drinking beer for an indefinite period.The unions are balloting 24,000 members in four companies next week on an indefinite strike.
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