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independent study/learning

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindependent study/learningindependent study/learningwhen you study on your own, rather than being taught by a teacher The tapes can be used in class or for independent study. independent
Examples from the Corpus
independent study/learningIt will make provision for mixed-ability groups much easier to organise, and encourage independent study.The course manual can be used for independent study.Would you like to do this as an independent study?The increased use of independent learning at higher levels within the pathway is reflected in the assessment pattern within the modules.Councillors will discuss the possibility of funding an independent study into the mine's viability.Other recent examples of comparative studies are those of Lowe - independent study modules and lecture tours, in 1981.In the spring semester Gordon taught two seminars and took on more than a dozen students for independent study projects.Two independent studies since the 1968 election confirm the trend.
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