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indictmentin‧dict‧ment /ɪnˈdaɪtmənt/ ●○○ noun  1 be an indictment of something2 [countable] especially American English lawSCL an official written statement charging someone with a criminal offence3 [uncountable] especially American English lawSCL the act of officially charging someone with a criminal offence
Examples from the Corpus
indictmentHe wrote Moody for authority to ask a grand jury which was in session for an indictment against the mob leaders.This list, by no means complete, is an indictment of a careless society.Hancock pleaded not guilty to a federal indictment accusing him of four bombings.All are under federal indictment, including Ramos, who like the rest, is a federal fugitive.Denied effective legal counsel prior to his indictment, Stewart's trial at Inveraray in September 1752 was a travesty of justice.A 15-page indictment was placed before the panel of judges.His latest sculptural indictments are on view at Josh Baer until 17 October.Freeman and lawyers for the financial advisors could not be reached to comment on the indictment charges.
From Longman Business Dictionaryindictmentin‧dict‧ment /ɪnˈdaɪtmənt/ noun especially American EnglishLAW1[countable] an official written statement charging someone with a criminal offenceThe indictment alleged that he diverted clients’ money to unauthorized uses.2[uncountable] the act of charging someone with a criminal offenceHe is under indictment for fraud.
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