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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindifferencein‧dif‧fer‧ence /ɪnˈdɪfərəns/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  DON'T CARElack of interest or concernindifference to his apparent indifference to material luxuries Whether you stay or leave is a matter of total indifference to me (=I do not care).
Examples from the Corpus
indifferenceIt is a bizarre setting, to say the least, where the boredom and indifference can be measured in metric tons.There was no disagreement in accusing the National government of callousness and indifference.They fought incompetence, inclement weather and indifference.In spite of his indifference, it was exquisite: the ditch banks were creamy with cowslips and lilac with cuckoo flower.He seem bored now; and he blinked at Mitchell with imperious indifference.The absence of military protection for the abolitionists in Alton lends credence to legal indifference that bound the country at this time.This hypothesis generates an infinite set of indifference curves which are convex to the L axis.indifference toAmerica has a history of indifference to racial discrimination.
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