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inductivein‧duc‧tive /ɪnˈdʌktɪv/ adjective technical  1 RPusing known facts to produce general principles inductive reasoning2 TPEconnected with electrical or magnetic induction
Examples from the Corpus
inductiveFor example, the attempt in the past thirty years to incorporate more divergent factors changes the emphasis towards inductive and creative abilities.There were, said the professor, two kinds of science, inductive and deductive.Alternatively extra inductance can be added to the secondary circuit, taking care to avoid further mutually inductive couplings.Here is another example of such an intuitive jump, which omits several stages in the strict sequence of inductive logic.Fortunately band-pass and band-stop filters can be constructed from just capacitors and resistors, thereby avoiding the inductive problem.The standard experiment to demonstrate the inductive signal from the vegetal region makes use of the animal cap.For muscle development an inductive signal must pass from the vegetal region.One case where the inductive signals may have been identified is in early amphibian development.
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