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industrialistin‧dus‧tri‧al‧ist /ɪnˈdʌstriəlɪst/ ●○○ noun [countable]  BOTIa person who owns or runs a factory or industrial company
Examples from the Corpus
industrialistWhich is sort of where baseball fans and industrialists sit today vis-a-vis the Florida Marlins.What about the fact that £20 billion is supposed to be spent by industrialists?Enthusiasts have compared the two men to turn-of-the century industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.The museum was named in honor of her grandfather, Chicago industrialist Charles Hosmer Morse.This group should include representation from Headteachers, Senior Education Officers and committed industrialists.No industrialist can think in terms of a single market.As if in a dream, the ghostly images danced in the mind of the 70-year-old industrialist.He had already killed fifteen men - top industrialists and other VIPs.
From Longman Business Dictionaryindustrialistin‧dus‧tri‧al‧ist /ɪnˈdʌstriəlɪst/ noun [countable]COMMERCEJOB a powerful businessman or businesswoman who is the owner or leader of a large industrial companyA group of Ukrainian ministers and industrialists asked for 6 million euros for technical training.
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