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inediblein‧ed‧i‧ble /ɪnˈedəbəl/ adjective  DFEATif something is inedible, you cannot eat it because it tastes bad or is poisonous opp edible The meat was so burnt that it was inedible.
Examples from the Corpus
inedibleMark hadn't realized that the leaves of the rhubarb plant were inedible.Onondaga Lake is now so polluted that the fish are inedible.The meat had been cooked so long that it was inedible.Sandi found most of the things on her plate inedible.Sometimes the food was totally inedible.The grapes it produced were small and hard, inedible.It is mixed with potato salad and is a heavy, almost inedible concoction.This tree, Morus alba, produces poor, almost inedible, fruit.Some individual birds do not use edible bait, but inedible lures, such as feathers.He opened the second can and that too was filled with the same inedible mess.This liquid was made by chopping up the roots of an inedible yam which looked like stringy, tough beetroot.
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