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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinfinitein‧fi‧nite /ˈɪnfənət/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 LOT/VERY MUCHvery great in amount or degree a woman of infinite patiencean infinite number/variety of something There was an infinite variety of drinks to choose from.2 LIMITwithout limits in space or time opp finite The universe is infinite. in somebody’s (infinite) wisdom at wisdom(4), → non-finite
Examples from the Corpus
infiniteThe variations of color that a human eye can see are infinite.A natural language contains an infinite number of grammatical sentences.One of Keyes' gifts is her infinite patience.She was a woman of seemingly infinite patience.infinite spaceIt's difficult to really imagine an infinite universe.an infinite number/variety of somethingEvery window into the divine has its own angle and there is an infinite number of angles.A bird in the hand is never worth an infinite number of birds in the bush.They have developed almost an infinite variety of methods.There are an infinite number of possible powers to which data can be raised.Smalltalk could potentially offer an infinite number of scenarios, each of them a new world with windows opening into the informationscape.In principle, the question involves knowing what happens after an infinite number of terms of the sequence!This stage game is repeated a finite or an infinite number of times, then play ends.But the electromagnetic field has an infinite number of variables, one for each point in spacetime.
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