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infirmityin‧fir‧mi‧ty /ɪnˈfɜːməti $ -ɜːr-/ noun (plural infirmities) [countable, uncountable] formal  MIILLbad health or a particular illness
Examples from the Corpus
infirmityShe never ignored him, or let him languish in his infirmities.He encouraged me to talk, and I did-talked about the last few years and Lou Minton and my own imagined infirmity.In spite of his many infirmities, his wit and gift for storytelling were intact.Indeed, extensive neglect is likely to be a reflection of mental infirmity of one kind or another.Steps are often taken to minimise risk where mental infirmity makes old people unreliable in their behaviour.I suspect this is true for the majority of people: to accept help because of infirmity may seem an admission of defeat.Each may provide assistance in times of infirmity or sickness or in the provision of baby-sitting or other services.Even then, in her secret years of infirmity, Euphemia Bawn preferred to make good with the saints.
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