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inflectionin‧flec‧tion, inflexion /ɪnˈflekʃən/ noun  1 [uncountable]SLG technical the way in which a word changes its form to show a difference in its meaning or use2 [countable]SLG technical one of the forms of a word that changes in this way, or one of the parts that is added to it3 [countable, uncountable]SLSOUND the way the sound of your voice goes up and down when you are speakinginflectional adjective
Examples from the Corpus
inflectionThe audience sits mesmerised by his expressive choreography, watching each inflection of the hand or eyebrow.There was no bliss in his inflection.This sounds like one of his more severe remarks, although perhaps an ironical inflection has not survived its reporting.My voice, my tone, my inflection, everything.Dominic used to be a master of inflection.We have just hit the inflection point.Other verbs incorporate size into movement and provide additional meaning by their inflection.He spoke slowly and without inflection.
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