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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinfomediaryin‧fo‧me‧di‧a‧ry /ˌɪnfəʊˈmiːdiəri $ ˌɪnfoʊˈmiːdieri/ noun (plural infomediaries) [countable]  a company that collects information from people about the type of products they buy, how often they buy a product etc, and pays them for this information. It then sells the information to other companies, but does not pass on private details such as someone’s name or address etc.From Longman Business Dictionaryinfomediaryin‧fo‧me‧di‧a‧ry /ˌɪnfaʊˈmiːdiəri-foʊˈmiːdieri/ noun [countable] a website that gathers and provides information for businesses and customersan infomediary that connects buyers and sellers through its online site
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