in‧for‧ma‧tion S1 W1 [uncountable]
1 facts or details that tell you something about a situation, person, event etc:
I need more information.
information that
We have received information that Grant may have left the country.
information about/on
The book contains information about a wide variety of subjects.
The guide will provide you with information about the area.
further/additional/more etc information
For further information, call the number below.
gather/collect information
The survey didn't collect any information about temporary workers.
The book is packed with useful information.
She sent me detailed information about the project.
I've one or two useful pieces of information to pass on to you.
my/our etc information is (=used to say what you know about a situation)
My information is that Gary wants to stay with the club.
! Information is an uncountable noun. Do not say 'informations' or 'an information'.
2 American EnglishTCT the telephone service which provides telephone numbers to people who ask for them [= directory enquiries British English]

for your information

spoken used when you are telling someone that they are wrong about a particular fact:
For your information, I've worked as a journalist for six years.

for information only

written on copies of letters and documents that are sent to someone who needs to know about them but does not have to deal with them

➔ inside information

at inside3 (2)
informational adjective

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