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information retrieval

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information retrievalinforˈmation reˌtrieval noun [uncountable]  TDINFORMATIONthe process of finding stored information, especially on a computer
Examples from the Corpus
information retrievalIn the case of full motion video, the need for very fast information retrieval is acute.The part of the programme which had received highest priority was the introductory course in information retrieval for the engineering undergraduates.Web server functions can be categorized into information retrieval, data and transaction management, and security.Orientation is also concerned with the creation of a positive attitude to this kind of information retrieval.Train pupils in methods of information retrieval 4.Nor does it seem that systems of information retrieval will come to his help for a long time, if ever.Thus lectures might be suitable for providing a general introduction to a course on information retrieval.The objectives for instruction in online information retrieval have been outlined above.
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