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infra-redinf‧ra-red /ˌɪnfrə ˈred◂/ adjective  CCTPinfra-red light gives out heat but cannot be seen ultraviolet
Examples from the Corpus
infra-redThus, these gases act like the glass in a greenhouse, which similarly inhibits the loss of infra-red.Herschel had found the infra-red detected invisible light in the form of radiant heat.Each Mouse Alert system comprises a network of up to 360 strategically placed infra-red electronic sensor boxes.In the transmitter, infra-red is modulated to carry the analogue sound information which then fills the room.The ones with infra-red night-sights, little flashing digital displays, electric zooms and whatnots.Note that a red l.e.d. is used rather than an infra-red one.As mentioned earlier the warm-white lighting contains little infra-red radiation.Some weapons home in on infra-red sources, some on radar, others just go where they are told.
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