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inhabitantin‧hab‧i‧tant /ɪnˈhæbɪtənt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  SGLIVE SOMEWHEREone of the people who live in a particular place a city of six million inhabitants
Examples from the Corpus
inhabitantThis is a poor rural area, with only one doctor per 10,000 inhabitants.In some of these, for instance California and Wyoming, the material was apparently ignored by the aboriginal inhabitants.Edward captured the town and massacred its inhabitants.Its inhabitants quiver with curiosity whenever the desert train discharges a consignment of tourists.Copenhagen has about 1.4 million inhabitants.Would the shed's inhabitant necessarily guess that Mungo had been the uninvited visitor?The latter move prompted the government to retaliate by establishing a blockade around the island and withdrawing all services from the inhabitants.Nearly 36% of the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia are resident foreigners.In the afternoon I attend to the needs of the inhabitants of the Smoking Room and the gallery.Originally this had four towers and a wooden palisade to protect the inhabitants.Sterile-looking, de-natured domiciles promise safety for their inhabitants, protection from the hazards of urban existence.
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