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inlandin‧land1 /ˈɪnlənd/ adjective [only before noun]  SGDNan inland area, city etc is not near the coast the largest area of inland water in the southeast
Examples from the Corpus
inlandThis gets us to Santa Catarina, a small inland hamlet.This brought in new allies, particularly from inland Karia, and new revenue.Shores of inland lakes, lagoons, rivers and streams, in steppes, deserts and mountains.All are of single birds - 10 seen at the coast and eight in inland localities.Many species live, and presumably lived in the past, in inland or upland sites where little sediment accumulates.The boom has created opportunities, and money has trickled down from the coastal boom towns to poorer inland regions.Life-size dinosaur models tower above the Prehistoric Park where authentic geological formations include mountain uplift, volcano, swampland and inland sea.
Related topics: Geography, Nature
inlandin‧land2 /ɪnˈlænd/ adverb  SGDNin a direction away from the coast and towards the centre of a country The mountains are five miles inland. We set off inland.
Examples from the Corpus
inlandThe herring fleet was moored well inland, and the water was oil-tarnished.Chance of rain inland, fog on the islands.Richeaume is in the hills inland from Marseilles and is farmed organically.The lot is inland of Piers 48 and 50.From a dry stone wall inland, redstarts darted, like orange flames, tail feathers fanned and quivering.Farther inland, the tropical pulses create stronger weather fronts, deeper lows and sharp changes in temperature across the continent.Jenner marks the last escape inland to Highway 101.How far does the iron ore have to be taken inland to the nearest blast furnaces?
From Longman Business Dictionaryinlandin‧land /ˈɪnlənd/ adjective [only before a noun]1inland mail or TRANSPORT services are those used for letters or goods being sent within a country, not abroadThe letter was lost in the inland post.inland cargo transport2an inland area, city, point etc is away from the coastLoading starts not at the port, but at inland depots.ships that operate on inland waterwaysinland adverbAn elaborate system of canals was built, enabling goods to be transported inland.
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