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Inland Revenue

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishInland RevenueˌInland ˈRevenue noun   the Inland Revenue
Examples from the Corpus
Inland RevenueThis view has been confirmed in an Inland Revenue press release dated 14 April 1988.To find out which shares qualify, you should contact the Inland Revenue.Nicholas Warren for the Inland Revenue Commissioners.No record existed of any returns either to the Inland Revenue or to the Customs and Excise authorities.I hope that many people will send their views on the proposals to the Inland Revenue.The Inland Revenue permits us to reclaim tax and pay dividends gross.
From Longman Business DictionaryInland RevenueˌInland ˈRevenue written abbreviation IR nounTAXORGANIZATIONS the government department that collected income taxes in Britain until 2005, when a new department, HM Revenue and Customs, was formed see also Internal Revenue Service
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