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inmatein‧mate /ˈɪnmeɪt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  SCJMHsomeone who is being kept in a prison
Examples from the Corpus
inmateIn 1989, he said, 31 inmates escaped.Generally, short hair is associated in the public mind with convicts, prison camp inmates and the military.Florida has successfully used private capital in prison construction and operation, with a minimal state subsidy for each inmate.The brig has inmates from all four.Likewise any prisoner with skills in a basic trade will be encouraged to share them with other inmates.The number of prison inmates has been increasing in recent years.Only two death row inmates have been put to death since then, and both men chose to call off their appeals.More than half the inmates were there for some sort of violent crime.The inmates are held in a compound encircled by razor wire.The inmates of the institution were treated well, whether they ware in the workhouse or in the infirmary.
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