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inner sanctum

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinner sanctuminner sanctumTBa private place or room that only a few important people are allowed to enter – often used humorously Occasionally, she would be allowed into the inner sanctum of his office. sanctum
Examples from the Corpus
inner sanctumHe was soon accepted into the inner sanctums of city government.Why should she have been invited into the inner sanctum while I had been so resolutely excluded?They stepped through, into the cool semi-darkness of the inner sanctum.This was when somebody opened the door to the inner sanctum where the support band was playing.She never presumed on her friendship with Eve by expecting to be let in to the inner sanctum.Renaissance encyclopaedias often had architectural structures, as though the reader were progressing towards the inner sanctum of truth.And there would be me, allowed into their inner sanctum.This inner sanctum looked as though they should all be waving little red books and were very vociferous.Cleanse your inner self of the forces, coupled with fear, that push you out of your inner sanctum.
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