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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinopportunein‧op‧por‧tune /ɪnˈɒpətjuːn $ ˌɪnɑːpərˈtuːn◂/ adjective formal  1 TIME/RIGHT OR WRONG TIMEan inopportune moment or time is not suitable or good for something opp opportune I’m afraid you’ve called at rather an inopportune moment.2 TIME/RIGHT OR WRONG TIMEhappening at an unsuitable or bad time an inopportune visit
Examples from the Corpus
inopportuneTelemarketers always seem to call at the most inopportune moments.inopportune momentAnd usually at the most inopportune moment.But Minh Mang s measures came at an inopportune moment.He always seemed to say innocently exactly the wrong thing at the most inopportune moment.He kept fading into the oncoming traffic or blindly passing slower vehicles at the most inopportune moments.The affair happened at the most inopportune moment.Vologsky had constantly reassured himself that the repeated refusals were simply because his applications happened to be made at an inopportune moment.
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