in‧quir‧y W3 , enquiry plural inquiries
1 [countable] a question you ask in order to get information
inquiry about
We're getting a lot of inquiries about our new London-Rio service.
inquiry from
inquiries from potential applicants
I don't know who sent the gift, but I'll make some inquiries.
help the police with their inquiries British English (=to answer questions about a crime)
2 [uncountable] the act or process of asking questions in order to get information:
On further inquiry, it emerged that Malcolm had not been involved in the incident.
The local council set up a committee of inquiry to look into policing arrangements.
3 [countable] an official process to find out about something
inquiry into
a judicial inquiry into the deaths
launch/set up/hold an inquiry (into something)
The Civil Aviation Authority has agreed to hold an inquiry into the accident.
The police have launched a murder inquiry.
Parents have called for an independent inquiry into the accident.

➔ line of inquiry

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