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insanitaryin‧san‧i‧ta‧ry /ɪnˈsænətəri $ -teri/ adjective  MDIRTYinsanitary conditions or places are very dirty and likely to cause disease syn unsanitary American Englishsee thesaurus at dirty
Examples from the Corpus
insanitaryThe elementary school buildings are out of date and some are insanitary ...Furthermore, it was only during this period that scientific advance identified the main links between insanitary conditions and disease.About 10,000 of them live in camps, where insanitary conditions and malnutrition are becoming more and more commonplace.Amnesty claims the prisoners are being kept in overcrowded and insanitary conditions.They therefore attracted labour without any hindrance, providing jerry-built, damp and insanitary hovels for letting to local farm workers.A monumental granite drinking fountain towered up, with battered, insanitary metal cups hanging from it by chains.All four are still suffering ill-health due to torture, poor diet and insanitary prison conditions.They must have contracted them from bacteria transported from the teeming insanitary slums on the other side of town.Therefore puppies housed after weaning in insanitary surroundings are at greatest risk from this vice.
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