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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsatiablein‧sa‧tia‧ble /ɪnˈseɪʃəbəl/ adjective  WANTSATISFIEDalways wanting more and more of somethinginsatiable appetite/desire/demand etc (for something) his insatiable appetite for power our insatiable thirst for knowledgeinsatiably adverb
Examples from the Corpus
insatiableHis curiosity about the natural world is insatiable.an insatiable appetite for attentionShe had an insatiable thirst for attention.Humankind seems to have an insatiable urge to conquer and explore.insatiable appetite/desire/demand etc (for something)As one would expect of two old pros with an insatiable appetite for the game, we hardly stopped talking about football.I've started reading your column in the Sunday Express but that won't satisfy my insatiable appetite for your peerless wit.She named him Albert, and gave him an insatiable appetite for ropes.The fact is no government can meet the insatiable demand for ever more sophisticated medical technology by an ageing population.The government is not some sinister monster gobbling up taxpayers' money simply to satisfy its own insatiable appetite.The observer has an insatiable desire for abstract knowledge.Their observations concerning the insatiable appetite for immediate team success from the age of eight are so relevant.Whatever the financial climate, there still seemed an insatiable desire to build more office space, rentable or not.
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