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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsecurein‧se‧cure /ˌɪnsɪˈkjʊə◂ $ -ˈkjʊr◂/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 CONFIDENTnot feeling at all confident about yourself, your abilities, or your relationships with peopleinsecure about She’s very insecure about her appearance. She felt lonely and insecure away from her family.see thesaurus at confident2 NOT SUREa job, investment etc that is insecure does not give you a feeling of safety, because it might be taken away or lost at any time Many of them work in low-paid insecure jobs.3 SAFEa building or structure that is insecure is not safe, because it could fall downinsecurity noun [countable, uncountable] Student teachers often suffer from a great sense of insecurity. her deepest fears and insecuritiesinsecurely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
insecureBen's parents' divorce left him lonely and insecure.Meeting new people always makes me feel insecure.Even though she's a model, she's very insecure about how she looks.The U.S. needs to reduce its dependence on insecure foreign oil supplies.felt ... insecureMy father and the doctor felt worried and insecure.These are very well-educated professional women in Fog Bank who felt insecure about investing.I wanted to hold on to him somehow, because I felt incomplete and insecure about us, about myself.Hazel; looking at them, felt almost as insecure as he had on the river bank.Ruth felt small and insecure, as if she were a child again.When the managers felt insecure or defensive, they regressed to the familiar and comfortable role of producer.She felt insecure, unsure of the future and desperately worried about Steve and Maria Luisa.
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