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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsensiblein‧sen‧si‧ble /ɪnˈsensəbəl/ adjective formal  1 NOT KNOWnot knowing about something that could happen to you syn unawareinsensible of She remained insensible of the dangers that lay ahead.2 FEEL HOT/COLD/TIRED ETCunable to feel something or be affected by itinsensible to/of insensible to the cold3 literaryUNCONSCIOUS not conscious He fell to the ground, insensible.insensibly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
insensible ofShe remained insensible of the dangers that lay ahead.insensible to/ofOn these occasions, it was said, he was insensible to both fatigue and heat.Doug seemed insensible to the cold.If the patient seems insensible to trouble on the track, be sure that he has a feeling shut-off.
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