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inside out

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinside outinside outwith the usual outside parts on the inside You’ve got that jumper inside out. Her umbrella blew inside out. I always turn my jeans inside out to wash them. inside
Examples from the Corpus
turn ... inside outTurn the bag inside out, shake off the surplus moisture and replace the bag inside-out on the canes.His father's face was as red as if it had been turned inside out.Fiend turned inside out is still a fiend.Hayward Wiggins launched a kids' summer enrichment program nine years ago, he turned the rules inside out.In effect, it turns the nozzle inside out.Objectivism thus turns existentialism inside out.The ship leaped and juddered as if trying to turn to inside out.By the time I reached Hampstead, the mirrors of every car in North London were turned inside out.