2 noun

the inside

the inner part of something, which is surrounded or hidden by the outer part [≠ the outside]
on the inside
The apple's rotten on the inside.
the inside of
condensation on the inside of the window
The door had been locked from the inside.

inside out

with the usual outside parts on the inside:
You've got that jumper inside out.
Her umbrella blew inside out.
I always turn my jeans inside out to wash them.

turn a room/building etc inside out

to search a place very thoroughly by moving everything that is in it:
The drug squad turned the apartment inside out.

know something inside out

British English, know something inside and out American English to know something in great detail:
She knows her subject inside out.

on the inside

someone who is on the inside is a member of a group or an organization:
Someone on the inside must have helped with the robbery.

on the inside

British English if a car passes another car on the inside, it passes on the side that is away from the driver

somebody's inside/insides

informalHBHDF someone's stomach:
My insides are beginning to complain about the lack of food.

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