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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsightin‧sight /ˈɪnsaɪt/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [countable]UNDERSTAND a sudden clear understanding of something or part of something, especially a complicated situation or ideainsight into The article gives us a real insight into the causes of the present economic crisis. The research provides new insights into the way we process language.2 [uncountable]UNDERSTAND the ability to understand and realize what people or situations are really like a woman of great insight
Examples from the Corpus
insightCrick soon established himself as a scientist of great insight and creativity.We help troubled teenagers gain some insight into their own problems.provides ... insightsSubsequently the highly rated manager develops creative solutions and provides new insights into problems.Comparing dinosaurs with birds provides interesting insights.Second, the handling of humour in the book provides valuable insights.Such evidence provides useful insights into the site's morphological development, both inside and outside the central core.It provides insights into the purposes of balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and methods of costing projects and production.The family interaction that takes place provides important insights into family functioning.Clearly much that is read provides insights into the emotional lives of others, and at the same time of ourselves.Nevertheless, a review of both systems provides important insights into the problems associated with budgetary reform.
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