Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of insinuare, from sinuare 'to bend, curve'


in‧sin‧u‧ate [transitive]
1 to say something which seems to mean something unpleasant without saying it openly, especially suggesting that someone is being dishonest [= imply]
insinuate that
Are you insinuating that the money was stolen?
What are you trying to insinuate?
2 formal to gradually gain someone's love, trust etc by pretending to be friendly and sincere:
He managed to insinuate his way into her affections.
insinuate yourself into something
He insinuated himself into Mehmet's confidence.
3 formal to move yourself or a part of body into a place:
a large cat insinuated itself through the gap

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